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​​A revolutionary new method of skin rejuvenation has swept is way across Europe and finally made it's way to the US. Bella Joli is pleased to provide this world class treatment to our clients!

Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration
Sick of botox and fillers? Surgery too expensive? Tired of those fine lines and wrinkles around your forehead, eyes, and mouth? Want to get rid of sun damage, persistent acne scars, and bothersome moles without laser resurfacing? Banish blemished, baggy, or blotchy skin with an incredible new cosmetic aesthetics option: Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration. So what is it…..

What is Plasma Skin Regeneration?
Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration is not a laser, pulsed light, or radio frequency procedure. Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration has a resurfacing and rejuvenating effect by harnessing thermal energy, which is generated by the sun and naturally present around us all the time.  This energy is released into the skin during a Bella-J Plasma treatment and absorbed, the treated area experiences incredible collagen and elastin regeneration by targeting the fibroblasts. The new, healthy tissue eventually replaces the wrinkled, damaged tissue.

Which Skin Conditions Can Be Treated?
The Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration procedure addresses many skin imperfections, including:
Facial wrinkling
Skin laxity (face, body, neck, & chest)
Poor skin texture
Acne scars
The Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration procedure can be performed on the face, neck, chest, stomach and hands.

Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration Procedure
The Bella-J Plasma Regeneration procedure is quick and safe. Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration is relatively pain-free, a topical anesthetic is applied to the face before the procedure begins. During treatment, a specialized handpiece will be passed over the treatment area(s); never actually touching the skin. Plasma energy is evenly released across the epidermis, and collagen regeneration begins almost immediately.  Most describe the sensation during the procedure as a slight warming of the skin.

Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration Side Effects
After the Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration procedure, it is common to experience some redness, itching, and possible skin peeling. Many compare it to sunburn. You may also notice the formation of scabs or dark spots. Ice packs and healing ointments may be applied to the treatment areas for relief. These side effects should go away a week or two after treatment.

Bella-J Skin Regeneration Results
The results of Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration are stunning, and actually get better over time. Immediately after the treatment, skin appears tighter and more toned. As more and more regeneration takes place, Bella-J Plasma clients notice the resurfacing effects: scars and sunspots diminishing, wrinkles and fine lines filling in, and saggy skin regaining its elasticity.

Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration Costs
The Bella-J Plasma Skin Regeneration procedure begins at $200+ depending upon area(s) of treatment.
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